Are you a dedicated veteran seeking a meaningful post-military career? Look no further! Our organization is passionately committed to the search and recovery of our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action (POW/MIAs). We invite you to be a vital part of our team and embark on a journey that combines your specialized military skills, unwavering core values, and a chance to enhance your professional trajectory.

What We Offer:

  1. Specialized Training: We provide exclusive opportunities for you to attend specialized schools, refining your existing skills and equipping you with new capabilities. Expand your expertise and become an invaluable asset in the search and recovery operations.
  2. Utilize Your Skill Sets: Your critical skill sets acquired during your military service will be put to optimal use. Apply your extensive knowledge and experience in a purposeful manner, making a significant impact in locating and bringing our missing heroes back home.
  3. Values-Aligned Environment: Join a work environment that reveres and honors the core values you have upheld throughout your military career. Experience a deep sense of camaraderie, shared purpose, and a supportive community dedicated to our mission.
  4. Career Development: Gain invaluable skills that will not only contribute to our cause but also enhance your professional growth. We offer opportunities for continuous learning, allowing you to broaden your horizons and advance in your career within our organization or beyond.
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