Tours of Duty unites the skills and experiences of military veterans as a search and recovery organization to rapidly deploy in support of bringing home our nations heroes.

Veterans possess critical skill sets for mission success in austere environments and the ability to adapt rapidly while maintaining mission integrity

Tours of Duty is dedicated to honoring and serving our nation’s veterans by tirelessly searching for Prisoners of War (POWs) and Missing in Action (MIAs), ensuring that their sacrifices and service are never forgotten. Through unwavering dedication, compassionate outreach, and collaborative efforts, we strive to bring closure to families and friends who have long awaited the return of their loved ones. With a commitment to excellence, we employ innovative techniques, cutting-edge technology, and a global network of partners to locate, recover, and repatriate those who have gone missing in service to our country. By advocating for their rights and promoting public awareness, we aim to create a lasting legacy that preserves the memory and respects the valor of our brave servicemen and women. Together, we bridge the past and the present, fostering healing, unity, and hope for a future where no veteran is left behind.”