Tours of Duty to Attend 80th D-Day Anniversary in Normandy, France

Honoring the Past, Seeking the Lost

Tours of Duty is honored to announce our participation in the 80th D-Day Anniversary in Normandy, France. This significant event marks eight decades since the historic D-Day landings, and we are committed to honoring the sacrifices made while continuing our mission to search for and raise awareness about the more than 81,000 POW MIA personnel, with over 72,000 from World War II, and more than 1,400 still missing in France alone.

Our Mission at Normandy

Our presence at the D-Day anniversary will involve conducting thorough search investigations to locate and identify missing personnel. This effort is part of our broader commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind and that the memories of those who served are preserved and honored.

Participation in Official Ceremonies

Tours of Duty is deeply honored to participate in several official ceremonies commemorating this momentous occasion:

  • The Brittany American Cemetery: We will be attending the official ceremony to pay tribute to the brave souls resting in this hallowed ground.
  • Normandy American Cemetery: Our team will participate in the official ceremony, joining others in honoring the fallen heroes of D-Day.
  • St. Mere Eglise Parade: We are excited to take part in the official parade in St. Mere Eglise, a town with profound historical significance from D-Day.

Fundraising Partnerships and Events

To support our ongoing efforts, we are thrilled to announce several key partnerships and events:

The Placid Lassie Historic C47 and The Tobacco House Distillery

We are partnering with the iconic Placid Lassie Historic C47 and The Tobacco House Distillery. Together, we will be raising funds to support our search and awareness missions. The historic C47 played a crucial role during D-Day, and The Tobacco House Distillery brings its unique support to our cause, making this partnership truly exceptional.

Ruck March Sponsored by 2nd Ranger Battalion

Join us on June 5th for a special ruck march on Omaha Beach, sponsored by the esteemed 2nd Ranger Battalion. This event not only serves as a fundraiser but also as a poignant reminder of the bravery and endurance of the troops who stormed the beaches 80 years ago. Your participation helps support our mission and honors the legacy of those who fought for freedom.

Exclusive D-Day Commemorative Shirt by Nineline Apparel

Nineline Apparel is supporting Tours of Duty through an exclusive D-Day commemorative shirt. Proceeds from the sale of this specially designed shirt will go directly towards funding our search and awareness initiatives. Wear your support and help us spread the word about our mission.

Tours of Duty Commemorative Coin

As another exciting fundraising initiative, we are offering the Tours of Duty commemorative coin for purchase. This beautifully crafted coin serves as a symbol of remembrance and support for our mission. By purchasing a coin, you contribute directly to our efforts in locating and honoring our missing heroes.

Join Us in Our Mission

As we commemorate this pivotal moment in history, we invite you to join us in honoring the heroes of World War II and supporting our efforts to locate and remember those still missing. Your participation and contributions make a significant impact in ensuring that the sacrifices of our POW MIA personnel are never forgotten.

For more information on how to get involved, participate in events, or support our mission, please visit our Facebook or contact us directly by phone 202-539-9615 or email